For the Community

  1. 911 FAQs

    Browse a list of questions and answers related to 911 services.

  2. Archive Center

    Find all date-based reoccurring documents, such as budgets and reports.

  3. Car Seat Safety

    Learn more about car seat safety for children of all ages and learn how you can get assistance with car seat installation.

  4. Community Events

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  5. Community News

    Get immediate announcements for important information such as warnings of natural disasters sent to your phone through email or text message.

  6. Community Voice

    Interact with the Fire District by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and sharing in conversations around community proposals.

  7. Election Information

    The purpose of the election is to select 2 Board members who will each serve a full term and 1 Director to serve a 2-year term.

  8. Emergency Services

    Summit County government works with partner agencies throughout the community to prepare for disasters and emergencies. It is also important for individuals, families and businesses to prepare for these events.

  9. Employment Opportunities

    Find information about submitting an application as well as job descriptions and other information.

  10. Government Partners

    View links to local government partners.

  11. High Altitude Sickness

    The best way to avoid or lessen the effects of mountain sickness is to increase altitude slowly. Climbers and hikers can take two days to reach 8,000 feet, and then another day for each 1,000 to 2,000 higher feet.

  12. Honor Guard

    The Red, White and Blue Honor Guard was formed in late 2004 following the untimely death of Driver Operator Barrie Niebergall. Since the inception of the program, the honor guard has participated in many local, state, and national events.

  13. Youth Fireplay

    Red, White & Blue Fire District has had a juvenile firesetter intervention program for over 10 years. Referrals from schools, parents, the District Attorney’s Office and Probation are made and Red, White & Blue assists these children and their families with issues related to fire curiosity, fire experimentation and firesetting.

  14. Records Request

    Fill out and print the Patient Request for Access form and/or the Request for Report form.

  15. Recreational Fires & Open Burning

    View information on the local requirements for Recreational (camp) and Open Burning which includes Control Burns.

  16. Bid Opportunities

    View open bids for consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.

  17. Resources for Businesses

    Browse through documents with important information for businesses.

  18. Safety

    Learn about important safety issues such as car seats, home safety, and more.

  19. Services

    Red, White & Blue Fire District is an all-hazard emergency response career fire department. We have 3 shifts of dedicated men and women available 24/7, operating from 3 strategically located fire stations.

  20. Transparency Notice

    Pursuant to section 32-1-809, Colorado Revised Statutes this information must be provided annually to the eligible electors of the district no later than January 15.

  21. Wildland Fire Information

    Red, White & Blue responds to all wildland fires in our District. All of our personnel are trained in wildland firefighting techniques and are Red Card certified.